Karen Goodall-Smith Karen Goodall-Smith

Services Overview

There are three separate and distinct services provided by PsychHealth Consultancy.

Firstly, individual client based psychological treatment services help people in their recovery. This service helps people to recover from symptoms of anxiety based problems such as panic attacks and general anxiety, depression, relationship stress, physical pain, and negotiating the workers compensation or MVA insurance system.

Secondly, Karen is an AHPRA approved supervisor for clinical endorsement. She has 30 years experience supervising Clinical Psychology Registrars for the WA Psychology Board, and more recently for the Australian Psychologist Board for AHPRA. She also provides supportive and beneficial supervision for psychologists who have had conditions imposed by AHPRA due to complaints. This is a specialised area, and AHPRA has very strict requirements of both the practitioner and the supervisor.

Thirdly, Karen provides professionally based coaching service for mental health professionals setting up or expanding a private practice. This is a unique service that facilitates decisions about what to consider within a private practice.

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