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If you wish to book an appointment, it is best to text or phone Karen Goodall-Smith at PsychHealth Consultancy on 0423 304 207 or email the practice on kgs173@icloud.com to ask what appointments are available. Health Engine is no longer available. By contacting Karen directly, you may be offered appointments within 1-3 weeks when there are cancellations or time slots available. Appointments available through Karen include morning and afternoon appointments between Tuesday and Friday.

  • send us an email or,
  • phone us on (61) 0423 304 207 or email on kgs173@icloud.com
  • consultations in Scarborough WA

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PsychHealth Consultancy
Ph:  (61) 0423 304 207 or email on kgs173@icloud.com
Consultations in:  Scarborough WA
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